Thursday, 11 July 2013

How much do you spend on food over the Summer....

I can't believe that the schools break up for the Summer Holidays next week - time is flying by this year isn't it?

We're starting to think about our budget for the Summer Holidays because we want to fit in as much as we possibly can in the three weeks that I have off work with the kids.  We're very relaxed over the Summer and tend not to stick to things like meal times and bedtimes so much which means that meal planning tends to go to pot a little bit over the Summer although I do still try.

The problem is that I never know what time we're going to be ready for tea over the holidays, never mind how many people I'll be cooking for so food tends to be quick and easy things that I can make on demand or slow cooker meals (yes, even in the hot weather) so I can just serve up to whoever wants it whenever they want it.  

We'll also be needing lots of picnics for our trips out so I'll be asking you for your frugal picnic ideas very soon so get your thinking caps on - we take a picnic or even just a few snacks with us whenever we go anywhere because buying food and drink when you're out and about can cost a fortune.  

Another thing I'm starting to consider is a bit of a last minute week away if we can find a late deal for the last week of the holidays.  I'm really only looking at all inclusive holidays because I like the freedom of knowing that I don't really have to watch our budget so much while we're away - it's so much more relaxing knowing that everything is paid for and you don't have to worry about how much you're spending each day.  

There's some great deals on self catering via Icelolly which are tempting me though.  I just don't think the difference in price between these and the all inclusive deals would be enough to take into account all of the drinks, ice cream snacks and meals that we would eat while we were there - even if we got an apartment and cooked most meals ourselves we'd still have the food to buy as well as drinks and the obligatory ice creams.  

After going self catering and all inclusive last year, the amount we spent on food and drink outweighed the cheaper self catering option and that's without even taking into account the fact that we enjoyed our holiday much more because we weren't watching the pennies all the time.  It also allowed us to spend a big chunk of our spending money on one big experience - swimming with dolphins....

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