Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Making the most of Family Days Out

So the summer has well and truly arrived, finally after an awful lot of rain. So if you are anything like me you really want to make the most of it and any family days out you have planned. So I wanted to give you my top tips on food and drink for a family day out.

We tend to go out for long days and will need to have both lunch and dinner before we get home and with children it is essential to have something planned as on the hoof often doesn't work. So I always make sure that we take a picnic for lunch time. Not only is this more economical than buying out, it means if you have fussy eaters you can cater for their every whim.

Lunch - A picnic

Picnics do not always mean cold food. We have a wide necked flask that is perfect for curry, soup, hotdogs and pasta.

I always make sure that I take drinks too, both hot and cold, as they can actually be the most expensive part of any trip out for the day. Both my boys love hot chocolate, so I always have the instant kind with me and it is perfect for warming up after a dip in a river or the sea.

We have a backpack which is insulated and keeps all the utensils you might need for a picnic in and it is a great way to carry your food.

A good way to ensure that things are kept colds is to freeze a bottle of water or even those fromage frais tubes.

Dinner - A meal out

We often have a meal out in a restaurant or pub on the way home.  We make sure that we avoid spending any money at service stations and try to find a decent eatery just off the beaten track on our way home.

By pre-planning, I can make sure that the menu suits us and also print off any voucher deal I have found..

The boys know that eating out for us is a real treat and I want to make the most of it, by ensuring it is the right place for us.

What do you do to keep costs down on family days out?

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