Thursday, 28 June 2012

Two Ways with Roast Vegtables

I adore roast vegetables.  They are a simple, no fuss side dish and I often make a large tray of them and then use the left overs for soup the following day.

This weekend we have been away celebrating Mini's sixth birthday and got back top a house with pretty bare cupboards and then two poorly boys prevented me shopping on Monday.  So I took a look at what was in the store and went with that.

Basic Roast Vegetables


Half a butternut Squash
4 sweet potatoes
3 onions
sage from the garden
Chill Oil
2 cloves of garlic


It really doesn't get much simpler than this. Add a good slug of oil to an oven dish and heat the oil to 200 degrees in a fan oven (the aim is to have enough oil to cover your veg, but not much more).

Peel and chop the vegetables in to 1.5 cm sized cubes.  Cut the heads off the garlic (but leave it in the bulbs and paper on as it is just for flavor).

Add the vegetables to the hot oil and sir and add a number of torn up herbs.

Cook for an hour and half or until the veg are cooked through.

The brilliant thing about roast vegetables is there is no wrong thing to add.  If you have peppers add them, new potatoes are great, carrots in chunks, courgettes, aubergines, parsnips and turnip are all fantastic. 

Curried Roast Vegetable Soup


Left over roast vegetables
Veg stock (or stock cubes)
Curry Powder (or chopped garlic, chili and ginger, turmeric, coriander and Garam Marsala)
Coconut yogurt


I tend to be lazy and opt for the curry powder if I am making this.  It is a store cupboard stable in my home.

Take a large pan and heat.  Add the curry powder to taste (you can always add more at a later stage) and once if starts to release its aroma add the roast vegetables and warm.  Meanwhile heat your stock or if you do not have any, there is nothing wrong with boiling water and stock cubes.

Once the vegetables are hot remove from the heat and transfer to a blender.  I do not have a blender, so use a hand blender.  I then blend the vegetables adding the stock slowly until I reach the consistency I want the soup to be.

Return the blended soup to the pan and season.

Heat and then serve with coconut yogurt.

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