Friday, 27 April 2012

Show us your Tea Pots!

I am a tea monster (it is Jen BTW), I make no bones about the fact that I love tea.  All tea, especially loose leaf tea.  Part of loving loose leaf tea for me is the whole routine of tea making.  The warming of the pot, the measuring out of the leaves, a teaspoon full for each person and an extra one for the pot), the steeping of the tea and then adding the milk to the cup before pouring the tea before adding a tea cosy to the equation.

So I decided to have a show us your tea pot party!

Let me introduce you to my tea pots, they are all lovely ladies and I use them for different teas!

The top white one is a six to eight cup pot from John Lewis.  Very plain Jane, but used as an everyday black tea pot when I am making more than two mugs of tea,

The glass teapot is used for fresh mint tea.  There is something about looking at the leaves and watching it darken.

The bright yellow tea pot is my most recent purchase a great size for two mugs and she brightens up my day.  She is currently stood brewing some chair.

The floral tea pot was my mums and holds about three mugs or six cups.  It is a perfect pour and very well balanced and a joy to look at.

Finally my little one person tea pot.  Great for making a mug for one.

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