Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Morrisons M Savers - Food on a budget

Morrisons has rebranded it's entry level "value" range to a new M Savers range. The new designs confidently express the Morrisons brand with it's iconic charcoal grey roundel bearing the letter M in white.

As part of the launch I was asked to try out some of the M Savers range and make good old Bangers and Mash.

Ingredients - £3.72

Sausages  eight thick pork  - 59p
A tin of M Savers Garden Peas - 24p
Gravy Granuals - 23p
Potatoes (5kg bag) - 1.78
Onions (1.5kg bag) - 88p
Butter and milk (to add to the mash)

I am not going to insult any ones intelligence by explaining how I made them, but I do have a few comments on the ingredients and the meal.  I also want to say that I do not have an issue with budget supermarkets or budget ranges.

The potatoes and onions were good value and there was nothing at all wrong with them, yes the onions were small, but size is not an issue.  The bags are generous sizes and would last a week in this house.

Again the peas were fine and this is the first time my children have ever had tinned peas and they enjoyed them.  I was really pleased to see that the only ingredients were garden peas and water.  

I do have issues with the gravy granules though.  The main ingredient is plam oil and I have ethical reasons for not wanting to consume palm oil (deforestation) or agree to my family eating it.

Now the main thing for me is I would rather just not feed my family any meat then give them poor quality meet and I was unsure as to how the sausages would fare with my family.  I have to say that three out of four of us were not keen.  They were very peppery and smooth in texture.  

So overall I think that the M Saver range is a great idea and am more than happy to move to it for my fresh products, but I will be checking labels of other products carefully to ensure that the standard does not drop beyond a level I feel happy with.

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