Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Make do and mend

I am a make do and mend girl, rather than a discard and buy new and I hope that today's financial climate makes many more people think like this.

My appliances tend to get a hammering and although I am gentle with them, MadDad and the boys are anything but. 

My oven is coming up six years old and is already in need of some attention and I would much rather get some on in to do some oven repairs rather than get a new one.  For one thing, we can not afford a new oven and the other thing is  I have dreams about all these unloved appliances at the tip mounting up.

My mum had her cooker for 30 odd years and only once did it need repairing and I am sure that these days appliances are not made to last.  I want to try and get away from the disposable nature of our lifestyle and instill a make do and mend attitude in my children too.

We are really lucky and know a fantastic domestic repair company, who are local and they have fixed my washing machine, tumble dryer and my mother in laws oven on previous occasions and this has taught me that it is often much less expensive to repair than replace.  

Do you get your appliances repaired as and when they break or do you have insurance to cover them or do you go out and buy new ones?

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