Monday, 21 November 2011

Trout with Green Pesto

Fish can be a super quick dinner for all the family and doesn't have to be smelly or difficult to cook.  When we were sent some fillets of trout provided by Dawnfresh for our Fish is the Dish challenge this week along with a recipe for Oven Baked Rainbow trout fillets topped with a sundried tomato and red pepper pesto, but I didn't have the ingredients in my cupboard and the children wanted to eat them straight away.  So I was forced to improvise and decided we would use green pesto, which I always have in.

I simply coated the trout with green pesto and popped each one in to a Lakeland fish cook in bag (which keeps the smell in the bag) and popped in the oven for 15 minuted on 180 degrees. along with a rosti each.

What I was left with was delicious soft flaky trout, which pulled away from the skin with ease, which went down a treat with the boys and was on the table in less than 20 minutes.

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