Thursday, 17 November 2011

Don't you do your food shopping online?

Don't you do your food shopping online?

Don't you do your food shopping online?  I don’t as I tend to shop at budget food retailers, but I am open to getting my milk delivered every morning, partly down to the amount we use (it is so heavy to carry from the shops) and partly down to the fact that my husband’s Dad is a dairy farmer and his Granddad and brother were both milkmen who sold the produce from the farm around the surrounding area until around 15 years ago.  Back then MadDad’s brother delivered milk, eggs and potatoes from the farm to the local villages, as his granddad did before him.

The milkman seemed to be a dying industry, but not anymore.  Dairy Crest are resurrecting the milkman and giving them added value too.

This is where milk&more come in to their own, not only do they deliver milk, but food shopping too, you can even get pet food online with them too.   So you can have fresh milk delivered up to six times a week and also choose from over 250 online items to add to your milk delivery.

What’s more they can deliver orders placed before 9pm in the evening before your next delivery the next morning with your milk, which makes milk&more perfect for those in-between the weekly shop items you might need.  This is even better when there is no delivery charge to take into account.

So what are you waiting for, why not give milk&more a try, what have you to lose?
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