Monday, 10 October 2011

Meal Planning at The Mad House w/c 10 October 2011

Last week both Cass and I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Sea Fish team in Edinburgh for a fab couple of days of eating and cooking with sea fish.  It has really inspired me to up my family's intake of fish each week and I am aiming to try and get two potions in them at home, however, I do know that my boys eat fish at least one a week at school too.  Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for the new Sea Fish, Fish is the Dish website for some fab, fast, family fish recipes.

Monday Left overs (roast beef, bubble and squeak and asparagus)
Tuesday Smoked haddock risotto
Wednesday Sausage Cassarole
Thursday Jacket potatoes with Beans and Cheese
Friday Fish, chips and peas
Saturday Home Made Pizza
Sunday Roast Chicken dinner
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