Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Coffee on a budget

MadDad is an unashamed coffee lover (although it has to be from coffee beans) and he used to regularly be found in one of those coffee places grabbing an extra shot latte to go, however, as part of Zero waste week and our future friendly challenge, we made the commitment to try and reduce our footprint and this meant no longer grabbing a takeaway coffee in a disposable coffee cup.  

So I picked up two china coffee mugs for £4 in a local store and we have been using them to make delicious and frugal coffee from real coffee beans, saving ourselves around £10 a week in the process.

Becky from Family Budgeting has a great post about how to afford great coffee on a budget and I agree that in today's hard financial climate is is nice to be able to find something that you feel is an affordable treat and for MadDad this is coffee.

I was lucky enough to win a Philips Senseo machine in a blog competition last year and I have to say it is an amazing machine and a real treat to have a home made latte without the fuss.  We have also discovered recently that Lidl make coffee pods that fit the machine at 50% of the cost of the branded ones making real coffee as affordable for us as instant.

What is the one thing that you refuse to scrimp on, even though times are tough?

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