Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Virgin Mojito

I am not much of a drinker, well what I really mean is I tend to prefer to stick to non-alcoholic drinks most of the time.  But it is sometimes hard to know what to drink and to remain sophisticated at the same time (people who know me will now be rolling around on the floor, as Jen and sophisticated are something of an oxymoron).

But on a recent stay at the Reading Malmasion (you can find my review of the Reading Mal on my family blog), they introduced me to a virgin mojito and I have fallen in love.


Sugar syrup or sugar
Lemonade or tonic water


I haven't given amounts above as I think it is really down to personal taste how much of each you will add.  
I pop the sugar syrup and lime juice in a bow and then add some mint and bash it a bit!  Then transfer to a jug with lots of ice and add lemonade or soda water to taste.

If you want to make this alcoholic, then you need ti use run and add to taste.


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